by Charles “Sam” Faddis | AND MAG | September 4, 2020


Wander around America and talk to average Americans about the ongoing madness in the streets and you will find one commonly held assumption. Things will get worse between now and Election Day but then this will subside. “We will get back to normal.”


Yes, things will get worse between now and November 3rd. No, they are not likely to get better thereafter.

Despite suppression polls and the complicity of most major networks in refusing to cover Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline, the winds are shifting. Fears of COVID-19 are fading. Violence in American cities has turned off a great many Americans to the Democratic Party. Black Americans perhaps most of all are shifting to supporting Donald Trump and a law and order agenda.

Biden’s candidacy has peaked. He will lose in November, and he may lose by a historic margin.

But, for the people in the streets and the men and women directing them, this was never about an election.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and all their sister organizations are Marxist entities. As such they are built around the concept of “the struggle.” This is the process by which the existing capitalist and democratic system is destroyed and replaced by “the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

The “struggle” is an explicitly non-democratic process. The current system will not be voted out of office – it will be torn to pieces. In fact, only in this way, can true revolution be accomplished. Anything else is just tinkering around the edges.

The foundation for a rejection of the election results is already being laid.

The rationale is already being established. Just as Trump was accused of winning in 2016 only because of the help of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence, he will be branded in 2020 as having stolen the election. He will be declared ‘illegitimate.’ It will become the ‘duty’ of every ‘right-thinking’ American to take to streets and demand his ouster.

In recent weeks virtually every major non-conservative publication in the country has run a story with a headline screaming that our fascist dictator -Donald Trump – intends to steal the election:

Trump Has a Plan to Steal the Election and It’s Not Clear Democrats Have a Plan to Stop
USA Today, August 16, 2020

Here’s One Way Trump Could Try to Steal the Election
Washington Post August 16, 2020

What if Trump Won’t Leave?
The Intercept August 11, 2020

Trump Has a Plan to Steal the Election
Salon September 3, 2020

Most Americans Think Trump More Likely to Steal the Election
Newsweek August 18, 2020

What Will You Do if Trump Doesn’t Leave?
New York Times September 4, 2020

Some leftist publications and groups have taken it a step further and begun to speak openly of what will follow a Trump victory.

“If Trump steals the election, a broad united front will have to make the country ungovernable and the reigning regime illegitimate, despite the risks involved.”

The Intercept

Refuse Fascism, the umbrella organization for all Antifa groups in the country, has declared September 5th the beginning of a massive effort to force President Trump from office. Its own language on its website makes it clear that this is much more than simply a push for electoral victory. This is a life and death struggle and a win by the President at the polls will simply intensify the necessity that he be forced from office by extra-legal means.

“September 5th needs to get into the media being put forth as LIVING DECLARATION – A Beginning – A force gathering that will not stop until the regime is gone and their fascist program stopped.”
“The fascist thugs unleashed by the Trump/Pence regime are stepping out. Backed by the regime, paramilitary and police, they are creating the conditions for a Trump/Pence “second” term. We can wait no longer for the side of justice to mobilize and act, or just cheer those on the frontlines in Portland and other places.”

We should not foreclose the possibility that Trump will “win,” by hook or crook, whether by voter suppression, intimidation, manipulation, or by the “normal” workings of October “surprises” and the electoral college. We must never forget that a fascist regime is always illegitimate however it comes to power and must be met by mass-protest to demand its removal.”

What follows the increasingly likely Trump victory in November will not be calm.

It will not be a return to normal. The Marxist/Anarchist forces in this country, emboldened by a complicit media and supported by Democratic Party functionaries who thought they could control the mob, have grown too strong. They have been biding their time for decades – growing stronger and extending their reach. This is – they are convinced – their moment.

The terrorists and agitators will not go back to their homes, hang up their hoodies and helmets, and move on with their lives. A ‘Trump win’ will only convince them that much more that the only road to the Communist paradise they desire lies through increased violence. The tactics in use – which are already becoming more lethal – will shift from burning and vandalism to assassination and bombings.

The genie is out of the bottle.

What could have been crushed in its early stages by the determined use of law enforcement and intelligence assets and the resolve of state governors has become something much more dangerous. The republic is in peril, and it will take firm, decisive action across this nation to crush this insurrection and preserve the Union.

Nothing ends in November. This is just getting started.


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