We were all horrified by the death of George Floyd.

We join in caring about and grieving the 1,609 black lives ended each year in violent interactions with the police.

But we are also concerned about and can’t understand why Black Lives Matter doesn’t share our love and grief for the 131,000 black children killed per year by Planned Parenthood.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of believed in Eugenics, the improvement of mankind by the elimination of racial impurity. She referred to Asian, Jewish and Black children as weeds.

Planned Parenthood is the definition of structural racism. It has killed more than 60 million black children in its history.

“Why don’t you cry for them?”

It’s not your fault.

Socialism is a lie that enslaves and BLM is a socialist movement.

This is just one little bit of what they haven’t told you.

Free yourself from its deception.