By George Rasley | CHQ | 6/11/20

After driving Seattle’s hapless police from their Capitol Hill headquarters the Communist thugs of Antifa declared the surrounding neighborhood to be the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” The six-block region has been declared “autonomous” with signs on barricades the read: “You are now leaving the USA.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan addressed the decision to abandon the area in a tweet: “In an effort to proactively de-escalate interactions between protestors and law enforcement outside the East Precinct, Chief Best and @SeattlePD officers have removed barricades surrounding the East Precinct while safely securing the facility.”

Translation: The cops are bugging out, non-rioters are on their own.

On Twitter, the Far-Left group CodePink wrote: “Without the police, the zone has turned into a peaceful George Floyd memorial filled with art, positivity, & love.”

“Super safe, super peaceful, great vibe. It’s just a community coming together,” said Raz Simone, a “community leader” who said he’s simply a voice of the protestors. “The people recognize that this building is the people’s. We paid for it with our taxes. We just want to make sure it’s used for the right reasons.”

The revolutionaries set up road blocks in the street and attacked anyone they could not verify was a supporter – media included – as a TV news crew for the local Fox affiliate was temporarily chased from the scene and took up refuge in a nearby fire station.

Apparently, driving journalists from the “protest” area didn’t count as violence to the new rulers of Seattle.

Midway through the evening, protestors hung a banner on the East Precinct that read, “Property of the People.” There were signs and graffiti lining the streets that read “Welcome to Free Capitol Hill” and “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

Mary Ewald lives two blocks away told KOMO News the scene had remained peaceful since the police left the area on Monday.

“Everything calmed down immediately as soon as the police left the precinct. And people were just free to gather,” said Ewald.

Protestors have organized medics, legal aid, and free food and drinks, reported Patrick Quinn of KOMO News.

“It’s all very inspiring,” Ms. Ewald told KOMO. “It brings about a lot of hope to see the commitment of so many young people day after day.”

Simone said they will stay “as long as it takes.”

Simone said occupying the East Precinct is part of the protestors’ initiative to defund the Seattle Police Department. He said the mission is part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“As long as it takes” may be a purely rhetorical timeline, since @anarchomastia one of the “residents” of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone tweeted:

ALERTA#2: the homeless people we invited took away all the food at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

we need more food to keep the area operational. please if possible bring vegan meat substitutes, fruits. oats, soy products, etc. anything to help us eat

Those not infected with Mayor Durkin’s Leftwing insanity should recognize this occupation for what it is – another probing movement in the counter-state’s campaign to delegitimize the government of the United States of America.

Indeed, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone supporter @idlematts tweeted:

I hope the Autonomous Zone idea will spread to every major city because that absolutely is the next step here. Don’t wait for the government to do something, we don’t need them. We can build a cop-free zone on our own.

And the “Autonomous Zone” has plenty of antecedents in Communist and Islamist revolutionary doctrine.

In 1917 the Bolsheviks pursued a similar strategy of establishing Soviets in factories and neighborhoods and declaring themselves to be in charge.

Likewise, the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria started small by declaring areas from which they had driven the legitimate authorities to be “liberated.”

We see the same scenario playing out today in Seattle as “Armed men are seen manning checkpoints controlling entry to the CHAZ,” The Daily Mail reported, beneath a picture of two masked and well-armed “protesters.”

The Daily Mail also reported police say they have received complaints that protesters are demanding cash to enter the zone, and shaking down businesses inside [the zone] for ‘protection money.’

Initially, everyone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone will feel happy – just like Mary Ewald – because the police have gone, and the violence is over… at least temporarily. But then the chasing out of journalists starts, and then the food shortages start and then the chasing out of anyone who isn’t properly committed to the revolution starts, and then… well, we all know what happens next.