Petition to the President: End the Violence Now

Dear Mr. President:

The American people have been afflicted first with a Chinese virus and the economic and social devastation it has wrought. Now, we are suffering at the hands of Marxist revolutionaries who make no secret of their determination to destroy our country. They are burning, looting and even murdering in our cities and some suburbs and seem determined to continue to do so until they bring down our constitutional Republic.

Such an outcome is clearly opposed by the vast majority of Americans. It would end our freedoms, destroy our opportunities for enterprise and prosperity and deny our children the chance to live in the kind of country we have known and loved.

We find these prospects totally unacceptable and urge you to use your powers as President of the United States to prevent them from coming to pass. You and our other elected representatives have a sworn duty to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is time for that solemn oath to be fulfilled.

We call on you to invoke your authority under the Insurrection Act to order the revolutionaries to disperse and permanently halt their rioting. Those that refuse to do so must be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We support you in making federal agents and, as needed, forces available to restore order immediately.