“The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto” by Evan Sayet

Evan Sayet

By Thaddeus G. McCotter | American Greatness | August 21, 2020

No Laughing Matter

Sometimes it takes a comedian to have both the perspective and the courage to speak the truth. Which makes Evan Sayet’s The Woke Supremacy essential reading today.

In Shakespeare, it is often not the nobles but rather the jester, alone, who has the perspective and the permission to see and speak the truth. In many ways, it is no different today. The preening political class teems with the timorous and the buffoonish, while a professional comedian has let slip his mask of mirth and produced a cri du cœur for America.

Evan Sayet’s new book, The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto, by design is a pithy primer about the perils of this perpetually failed, yet continually espoused, political ideology. At 158 pages, index and all, Sayet jokes, “I made the book short . . . so it would get read.”

Though in this work Sayet eschews obvious comedy in favor of irony, nevertheless, like fine humor, the book quickly cuts to the heart of the matter. Sayet’s profound insights into socialism, however, are no laughing matter.

In an act never reciprocated by the Woke Supremacy, Sayet charitably distinguishes socialism as an economic and political system within a more encompassing ideology. Thus, he doesn’t get bogged down in the distracting argument that all socialists end up being Nazi or Stalinists. He does, however, hammer (and sickle) home that whatever may be the noble goals espoused by a socialist, the system they seek to establish must eliminate private property, countries, and religion. Consequently, whatever globalist socialists beget, it inherently and always ends in a dystopia:

This is because, without possessions, the individual does not have the resources to stand up to a tyrannical government. Without nations, there are no other governments strong enough to challenge the Globalist rulers’ every mandate while, without religion, there is no higher moral authority to countermand the rulers’ every dictate, no matter how egregious and immoral those dictates might be.

And, before private property, countries, and religion can be eliminated, who do socialists invariably eliminate? “In order to create the paradise they imagine, the Democratic Socialists will have to find some way to eliminate [those who disagree]…all of the Others need to in some way be dealt with.”

As Sayet proves, cancel culture is but one means of dealing with the Woke Supremacy’s opponents.

THE WOKE SUPREMACY: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto Paperback

So, who are these socialist Woke Supremacists? Sayet identifies them thus:

Whereas the Marxist Socialist believed the Supreme Trait—the characteristic that when shared by all the people would create the perfect world—was found in the “Worker” and the German Socialist believed it was found in the “Aryan,” the Democratic Socialist is convinced that the Supreme Trait is found in those they call the “Woke.”

The Woke are convinced that, by eliminating discriminating thought, they will eliminate all of the evils of discriminatory practices. They believe that, by eliminating rational judgment, they’ll eliminate all of the hurtfulness of judgmentalism and all of the harmfulness of prejudices. Their plan is to eliminate all of the wrongs of the world by eliminating the recognition of right and wrong itself.

In sum, the Woke Supremacy is composed of socialist moral relativists. They are T.S. Eliot’s “hollow men,” stuffed with a hideous ideology to fill their spiritual and psychological emptiness. Perversely, even though their illusory socialist utopia has failed every time and claimed millions of innocents along the way, these poisoned vessels believe themselves superior beings.

As a diabolical result, willful ignorance is blissful and necessary for these Woke Supremacists, as is their hatred for alternative points of view. After all, what is a “trigger warning” other than an admission one can’t handle a fact, let alone the truth?


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