by Charles “Sam” Faddis | AND | September 23, 2020

On Monday morning police in Lake Township, Ohio received a 911 call. A man, dressed in full camo gear, and a woman had parked their car in the parking lot of a local business and then started walking along railroad tracks behind a local airport. When police responded they found John C. Davison, 38, and Vicki M. Davison, 33. Both are from Virginia Beach. The police also recovered from the Davisons’ a backpack, a Glock handgun with an extended magazine, 200 rounds of ammunition, four tourniquets, two shovels, and a pitchfork.

President Trump was holding a campaign rally in the vicinity on the same day, although he flew in and out from a different local airport. Based on this the Secret Service became involved. Press reports indicate that the Davisons’ stated that it was their intent to blow up a local high school, the nearby airport, and local refineriesThe reports also indicate that John Davison had some desire to come face to face with the President.

Both of the Davisons are in custody and have been charged with multiple offenses. The Facebook page that appears to be connected to John C. Davison suggests that he was formally a U.S. Navy EOD specialist. It also indicates that he was – up until the time of his arrest – running a firearms dealership in the Virginia Beach area. There is little suggestion on his Facebook page of any specific political agenda.

There are obviously at this stage a whole boatload of unanswered questions. To begin with, the motive for the alleged intent to carry out terrorist attacks remains unknown. The apparent connection to the visit of the President, suggesting a desire to harm him, is puzzling as well.
There are in addition though some other very immediate aspects of this case, which have not been addressed at all to date and which need to be run ‘to ground’ immediately.

Unanswered Questions

The Davisons have indicated that there was some sort of plan to blow up a range of targetsThey were caught with no explosives. Where are those explosives and who has them?

Reporting suggests that the backpack retrieved by police was described as heavily loaded by eyewitnesses when they saw the Davisons leave their vehicle and head down the railroad tracks. The only items recovered that would have fit in that backpack were a handgun and a limited quantity of ammo. Those items would not have led to the backpack being “heavily loaded.” What else was in that pack and where is it now?

But, here is maybe the biggest, as yet, unaddressed concern. What were the shovels and the pitchfork for?

In the world of terrorism, special operations and insurgency – supplies and equipment are often hidden and then subsequently retrieved via caches. This means – in its simplest sense – that items of importance are buried and then dug up. Emplacing and retrieving a cache means digging, and that means shovels.

Caches, however, are meant to be hidden and secretive. That means not only that their location is unknown to the opposition but that no trace is left when they are emplaced or retrieved. After you are done digging, in other words, you do your best to make the surface appear undisturbed and give no sign of where your cache might be located. For that purpose, in spreading straw, smoothing dirt or doing whatever else is required, a pitchfork would do nicely.

What all this suggests strongly is that either the Davisons were out to retrieve items from a cache site, likely explosives, or they were emplacing something in just such a cache site. Either way, there remains a raft of questions that need urgently answered.

Since we don’t have in hand any items which appear to have been buried or which it would make sense to bury, where are they? In particular, since the Davisons apparently intended to carry out bombingswhere are all the things required to make that happen, i.e., explosives, detonators, timers?

If the Davison’s were out to retrieve items from a cache site, which seems most likely given the evidence in our possession, who emplaced the items in that site in the first place? And how did whoever did that know in advance that the President of the United States would be coming to this particular location in Ohio well enough in advance to have done so? In short, if the Davisons were part of something larger, where is the rest of this possible conspiracy, and what are its capabilities?

There is a myriad of possibilities here obviously. One of them is that the Davisons are not ‘all there’ and that any attempt to rationally explore their behavior is an exercise in futility. In this scenario, the rest of this “conspiracy” exists only in the minds of the folks that we have already arrested.

There is another very real possibility, however. That is that we just saw the tip of something much larger hidden below the surface. Given the scope of the Marxist insurgency ongoing in this country and the demonstrated ability of enemies of the republic to operate with impunity on our soil, that possibility should absolutely not be discounted. If the FBI can’t find the people organizing mass riots in our streets, there is no reason to think they would have infiltrated a conspiracy against the Chief Executive.

We need to ask ourselves. Did someone just try to assassinate the President and, if so, who is responsible and what is their next move?

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