White women just ‘fair-weather’ fans of Black Lives Matter

“It makes them feel good about themselves.”

by Paul Bedard | Washington Examiner | September 22, 2020

They may say all the right things and even show up at protests, but white, suburban women are only “fair-weather” fans of the Black Lives Matter movement’s goals and tactics, according to a breakthrough study.

In its latest Frontier Report, shown and shared with Secrets, the Center for the New American Frontier found that white, female suburbanites embrace the Black Lives Matter movement because it makes them feel good about themselves.

“Yes, they are fair-weather friends to the movement, where a significant driver of their connection is self-reflection. ‘Do I have purpose? Am I a good person? Will history view me as doing right?’ They do desire that the black community be healed, the result of which is community between races, but that also results in personal safety for them,” said Anne Segal of the Center for the New American Frontier.

In one test, the group asked women to name their top five concerns. Only 38.6% initially mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement. But when Black Lives Matter was prompted as a choice, it jumped to 45%.

Segal said, “I also think they don’t share quite the same aims as the operatives of BLM, although they have totally bought into the idea that law enforcement is ‘inhumane.’ They want community between Americans and maybe, in a broad sense, some sort of societal reckoning, but not concrete reckoning, like reparations.”



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